National Spring Cleaning Week

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What is National Spring Cleaning Week all about?

Every year, when Spring rolls around, it’s time to start anew. Many people will take the opportunity to do a spring clean and get their homes in order. National Spring Cleaning Week aims to encourage families and homeowners to give their homes a good clean and tidy, as well as provide useful hints, tips and advice about how to give their homes the best clean imaginable.

From 14th to 20th March 2016, National Spring Cleaning Week will be the homeowners’ best friend, helping them with every stage of cleaning their homes, from planning what rooms need cleaning to getting rid of their old junk hiding in the loft or garage.

With Spring just around the corner, cleaning and tidying will be on everybody’s mind; and with National Spring Cleaning Week being bigger and better than ever, it’s time to get involved. It will also be on the lips of broadcasters, forward-planners and editors, all looking to get a slice of the action and find engaging editorial content. With the likes of BBC, commercial and local radio stations seeking great coverage during National Spring Cleaning week, it presents a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand, business, product or service.


Seven Mistakes to Avoid when Spring Cleaning

Mistake #1: Not Getting Organized

Write down a game plan to help you prioritize and stay on task. “Start with your least favourite rooms, like the kitchen and bathrooms, which typically take the most work,” says Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid, a national residential cleaning service. Then, gather your supplies in a bucket and carry them with you from room to room so you don’t waste time running back to the cleaning closet.

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